Mould Removal Central Coast

The #1 Mould Removal Service is Now Available on the Central Coast!

All Coast House Washing provides the best mould removal service in the central coast area. Our locally owned and operated business is ready to provide you with a professional yet friendly service to remove the mould from your property. Our experience and skills in the Central Coast area make us different from our competitors, and we know that you will be delighted by the high quality of our work.

With our power washing equipment and our eco-friendly anti-fungal treatments, we will be able to remove all mould stains from your property, residential, strata, or commercial. Protect the exterior of your house with our mould removal services, give your property a fresh look and make your exterior surfaces last longer by removing the mould that is so predominant in the Central Coast area.

Why is it essential to remove the mould from your property?

The high level of humidity present in the Central Coast gives us our beautiful surroundings with lots of lush vegetation. Unfortunately, this same condition that provides us with beautiful sights is responsible for mould in our properties. Though it might seem harmless, you must remove the mould from the exterior surfaces of your property to avoid having damage on roofs or walls that will translate into more significant expenses for repairs. For example, if mould starts appearing on your roof, it can get deep within the shingles of your roof, creating damage that might even mean replacing the roof!

Can mould damage your property?

Mould is likely to appear when a combination of damp, shade, and cooler environment is present on your roof. For example, having a tree or vegetation over the roof creates the perfect combination for mould to flourish. It starts as green spots, which are signs of a mould colony, but it can quickly spread across every surface, making it look dirty and getting deep within the materials.

Of course, how quick your property deteriorates from mould will depend on the materials. For example, wooden shingles or wooden surfaces around the house like wooden stairs are the most affected by mould. Since the wood has a porous surface, mould quickly gets through the pores and breaks the wood inside. You want to avoid mould from penetrating into whatever material you have; that is why it is vital to remove mould quickly. The earlier, the better.

Can mould affect your health?

Yes! Mould spores quickly go up in the air and can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems to sensitive people. Of course, not every mould algae is dangerous to humans, but some are a threat for young children and older people with respiratory conditions such as asthma. For the safety of your family and loved ones, you must remove mould as soon as it starts appearing on your property.

How do we remove your mould?

Our team specialises in removing mould on the Central Coast. So we can guarantee you with successful removal of the mould from your property. We do the mould removal in three stages:

  1. Anti-algae treatment. The first step is to apply a product that will kill the algae to make it easier to wash off.
  2. Anti-fungal treatment. We use eco-friendly products that kill different types of fungus present in the mould. As a result, our products will not damage your vegetation, garden nor harm your pets.
  3. Power Washing. We complete the process with power washing, a combination of pressure washing and hot water that will blast away all mould remaining for a long time.

Remove your mould today!

AllCoast House Washing is your best option for removing the mould of your property. Give your house a brand new look with our cleaning services on the central coast and forget about mould problems. We are ready to assist you with the best cleaning service in the area! Call us today at 0418 467 294 for a free quote!